Rockers   These Rockers are so comfortable make sure that you order two to prevent family squables.
Sheaf Back Rocker
The Sheaf Back Rocker is seen above. Other styles available include Arrow Back, Bent Back, and Mission.                            $206.00
The Bent Hickory Rocker can be made with, or without, oak arms and can be used indoors or out.

Hickory Rocker
Bent Hickory Rockers
Can be made with or without arms.  Can be used indoor or outdoors.

Special Selling Prices:         
                 hickory arms  Oak arm
1 - 2 chairs   $135.00      $145.00
3 - 4 chairs   $130.00      $140.00
5 - 7  chairs  $125.00      $135.00
8 or more     $120.00       $130.00

Paddle Back Rocker
The Paddle Back Rocker and the
Paddle Back Desk Chair
can be made with, or without, arms.

Bent Paddle Back Rocker         $199.00
Paddle Back Desk Chair  $165*

* Desk Chair in Cherry, $185

Glider Rockers
The Bent Hickory Glider Rocker can also be used indoors or out.

Hickory with oak arms         $189.00
Oak, natural or dark finish    $165.00