Hickory Furniture

This authentic Amish Hand-Made Hickory Furniture is the finest Hickory Furniture available anywhere.



Rustic Oak - Hickory Table.
41 1/2" L x 11 1/2" W. x 16" H.
Price: Natural       $ 99.00
          Stained      $104.00
Shipping cost       $  35.00
Foot stool or kitchen stool can be shipped with this table.
Total shipping cost  $ 50.00

2-tiered end table
24 top, bottom shelf 22"  Height 30"
Natural $110
Stained  $115

Magazine Stand
Top 181/2" x 13 1/2" x 24" h.
Magazine and Newspaper capacity is large.
Natural                  $75.00
Stained                 $79.00
Shipping charge    $35.00

End Table

Top 18 1/2 " round height 21 1/2"
Natural                   $ 70.00
Stained                  $ 74.00
Shipping charge     $  35.00

Childs Hickory Rocker

Back 27" Seat 12" wide
Seat 11" off the floor.
Natural                $85.00
Stained                $89.00
Shipping cost       $35.00



This specially item is a bent back hickory rocker. The wood in the seat and back are shaped to your back thru a steaming process. A very comfortable inexpensive rocker that can be shipped to you via Ups. for a cost of only $35.00. About a $100.00 reduction from shipping by specialized  furniture trucks. As an added attraction we are offering volume discounts starting with only three (3)
Hickory Rocker

Bent Hickory Rockers
Can be made with or without arms.  Can be used indoor or outdoors.

Selling Prices:         
                 Hickory arms        Oak arms
                     $135.00           $145.00

Each rocker shipped in a separate heavy-duty box by Ups. for $35.00. The hickory child's rocker can be shipped in the same box for $15.00 more.