Indoor Oak Glider Rockers
We have two full size rocker gliders because of their popularity. All are bent back oak glider rockers.  The wood is steamed and  shaped for your comfort.

The back is shaped to your back.
The seat is shaped to your seat.
42" high
19" x 19"
Height of seat 16 1/2"

Bent Back Glider Rocker
Natural or dark finish


Natural or dark finish (Currently Unavailable)
Glider / rocker with shaped back and seat but with more seating room 42" back, seat 18" x 21". The 2 inches wider seat is wonderful for those of us who sit broad. Height of seat 17 1/2"
Easier to push yourself up and more room when you are seated. We have developed this comfortable rocker glider so that it can be quickly dissembled into a few parts and shipped by Ups.

UPS Shipping Cost   $40


24" Long by 17" Wide by 13" High

In Natural oak or Medium oak finish.  Companion item for your Light or Dark rocker gliders.                               $95