Entertainment Centers  


The Amish Market features a wide variety of Entertainment Centers. Shown here are five of our “top sellers”. These centers can be customized with a variety of  “side units” such as open bookshelves, open bookshelves with a wooden door on the bottom, or with a wood door on the bottom and glass door on the top, etc. to will fit your needs.

Bi-Fold Door Center

The Bi-Fold Door TV Stand, shown above, is 53 1/2”H x 39 1/2”W x 24”D, features pocket doors, VCR shelf, and storage drawer.                            $850.00


Deluxe TV Cabinet

The Deluxe TV with Stereo cabinet,  51”H x 64.5"W x 26 1/2"D, has pocket doors on TV side, with a VCR shelf, tape drawer, and pull-out swivel. The stereo side has 4 adjustable shelves. The TV side and stereo units can be bought separately.     $1,450.00

Bi-Fold Corner Center

The  Bi-Fold Corner Entertainment Center, above, is 79”H x 26 1/2”D, stands 39” out from corner on each wall and comes with bi-fold doors, pull-out swivel, VCR holder, and drawer.  $1,450.00

 (Jumbo size also available 79”H x 26 1/2”D, stands 44” out from wall).   

Windsor 42

The Windsor 42 
and Windsor 36

 Windsor 42 holds up to 35" TV. 
Windsor 36 holds up to 27" TV.
We also have the Shaker 42 and 36.


Standard features for Windsor and Shaker are: Square raised door,
Bottom VCR shelf, heavy duty pull out TV swivel, pockets doors, 3 pull out dovetailed drawers with CD and VCR dividers, 2 adjustable shelves hidden hinges, base molding (on front only) electrical accesses holes. Two more standard features on the Windsor styles are: fancy crown with dental molding, arched raised panel doors on top. Two more standard features on the Shaker styles are: Shaker molding, square raised panel door on top and bottom There are two separate side units for each of the Windsor and Shaker 42 and 36 entertainment centers. One unit for each sides is a bookcase. These come in 24" wide x 12" deep and in a 30" x 12" and in 36" x 12" These bookcases can be 17" deep and have raised panel door on the bottom and glass doors on top section.

Windsor 42  $1,365.00 center unit
Windsor 36"  $1,305.00 center unit

Oak prices of each bookcase unit:  Includes Glass door 
in the top section and paneled door in bottom section.
24" wide x 12" deep   $545.00
30" wide x 12" deep   $650.00
36"  wide x 12"  deep  $705.00
24" wide x 17" deep    $620.00
30" wide x 17" deep    $775.00
36"wide  x  17" deep   $815.00
Next to each side bookcase that is 17" deep is a corner unit. These corner units are only available with the bookcase.
Oak prices of  each bookcase unit plus corner unit
24" wide x 17" deep    $  835.00
30" wide x 17" deep     $  990.00
36" wide x 17" deep    $1,035.00
Options on Windsor or Shaker 42 and 36 side bookcase:
raised panel door on top instead of glass doors  + $35.00 per door
Glass shelves available instead of wood shelves    no charge
Glass shelves with plate groove
 $7.00 per shelf.
Tub lights    $10.00 each

Small Corner Cabinet

The Small Corner Entertainment Center, 36 on each wall and 50 high, comes with a drawer, and 1 adjustable shelf in TV area.       $695.00