Solid Oak Desks   
We have several new additions to our desk line. Available styles are: The flat top, depot, computer and roll-top desks. All are available with or without a hutch in oak or cherry. For cherry. add 33% to the prices shown. All desks have raised panel backs and sides. Solid oak panels kneehole.

Several desks are shown without drawer handles. All desks do come with handles.

     If you don’t see what you want here, call or e-mail.. remember we specialize in custom builds!


Flat top desk: 26" d x 54" w.
double pedestals (shown handles not added yet) 
$ 1132
Flat top 26"d x 42" w. single pedestal
$824.00 (not shown) 

Pictured Above
Single pedestal - S roll-top 
26" x 42"           $1,317.00
(shown handles not added yet)
Double pedestal- S roll- top
26" x 54" wide   $1,717.00
(not shown)

Flat top desk:  $1199.00
28" d x 58" w  double pedestals
Shown handles not added yet.

 Double pedestals S roll top 
28" x 58" wide 
Pigeon holes can be removed to provide space for computer 
           $ 1835

Depot Desk

The Depot Desk (above) is available with or without a hutch. 
Table top is 28"d x 45"w.
 With hutch, writing space is
 22”d x 45”w.
Depot Depot Desk   $325.00
Hutch                     $275.00

Computer Desk
The Computer Desk (above) is 28” x 52” comes with or without the top hutch. The hutch is 12” deep. The desk has a keyboard pull-out, mouse table pull-out and  hanging file drawer.

Computer Desk              $754.00
Hutch only                     $255.00
Hutch for 42" w. desk     $270.00
Hutch for 54" w. desk     $330.00
Hutch for 58" w. desk     $355.00